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Dennis Cliggett - Dcligg6@yahoo.com

Born and raised on the outskirts of Philadelphia in Bucks County. I attended Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, PA. After graduation I moved on to Towson University (1998-2002) to study Communications while playing strong safety and returning punts and kicks for the Tigers. I was honored to have served them as Captain my senior year.

There is no better time of year than the fall. It is what we fans live and breathe for and to be given an opportunity to write about it is a true privilege. I like to look at things through an objective scope but tell it like it is without bias. Many fans treat sports like politics and have their mind made up before examining the facts and seeing the whole field

While walking this planet bleeding green my entire life I pray for a day the Lombardi Trophy makes it’s way down Broad Street and puts and end to the misery that plagues myself and fellow Birds fans. 

Articles By Dennis Cliggett

Cliggett's take on training camp

Cliggett's take on training camp Waking up Sunday, my usual off season routine of heading to Eagles training camp had a brand new face. My first thought was not, “What the hell time is it? How did I get here?”, nor did I have the vision of Dunkin Donuts coffee dancing...

Andy, Donovan reunion too soon

Andy, Donovan reunion too soon The excitement in Philly is back, no question. It is hard to argue that in terms of storylines, you would be hard pressed to find a better one in the NFL than the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly has captivated his audience with his opposite end ...

Draft experts? No such thing

Draft experts? No such thing In a perfect world, there are many things that would indeed have to take place. Violence would screech to a halt. Ridiculous constraints on issues such as the legalization of gay marriage would vanish from the headlines. Politicians would serve ...

Eagles need solid draft after 10 lousy ones

Eagles need solid draft after 10 lousy ones Our recent acquisitions and philosophy have affected me in an unexpected way: I actually like the moves. At first glance you kind of shrug your shoulders, but this is why I like this crop. They are a different breed than prior years. It would ha...

Eagles need to improve through free agency

Eagles need to improve through free agency Now that the combine is over, I would like to turn my attention to more important matters. I am not saying the combine is totally worthless, I just do not get orgasmic from watching people run and jump. If I wanted to be bored I would watch trac...

Move on without Foles, Asomugha

Move on without Foles, Asomugha Now that Alex Smith has been dealt to the Chiefs, I would like to put my two cents in on a couple of things. In obtaining Smith from the 49ers it is obvious that Andy Reid believes that he has the pieces in Kansas City to win next season. He has...

Don't knock Davis hiring just yet

Don't knock Davis hiring just yet The curtain has lifted and we now see who the man standing behind it is. I would like to take a moment to reflect. Hearing that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly hired Cleveland linebacker coach Billy Davis as their new defensive coordin...

Eagles need to emulate Ravens, 49ers

Eagles need to emulate Ravens, 49ers The week every football fan dreams of is upon us and I am looking forward to this one. Usually, I look forward to the greatest game of the year regardless, but these two teams are carbon copies of what I pray the Eagles someday will be. The qualities...

Search for new coach getting old

This seems like the longest two weeks in the history of football. I know, patience is a virtue and rushing to judgment is not the smart thing to do. That said, the ongoing courtship and soap opera seems to be taking twists and turns that does not ...

Eagles need to sort out front office mess

Eagles need to sort out front office mess I am starting to get an eerie feeling that we may be in store for the same old song and dance, starting to feel that the last 14 years were more dysfunctional than initially thought. Andy leaves town without saying farewell. Which honestly, I cou...

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