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Eagle Eye - Eagles must learn to slow game down

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Eagles must learn to slow game down

The Eagles impressed everyone with their ability to control the game in the first half of Monday’s 33-27 win over Washington.

It was the way Philadelphia played in the second half that brought fans back to reality. In a game where the Eagles had so much success running a ridiculous 53 plays in the first half, they didn’t do much of anything on 24 plays in the second half.

The trick, coach Chip Kelly says, is learning how to take the pace from “go” when trying to score points and get the lead to “slow” when attempting to run out the clock.

“It's how do you work the clock, we’ve got to practice it a little bit more,” he said. “We do a lot of things at such a rapid tempo, I think our guys understand tempo and do that pretty good.  We also have to learn how to practice playing it the other way really from a mindset standpoint, where we do everything 90 miles an hour, now you’ve got to go back to driving through the city streets.  You need to kind of settle down and make sure you can still negotiate the turns.

“That's just a work in progress.  We haven't been together for a ton of time.  It's a matter of getting a feel as we go through.”

When looking at the game as a whole, Eagles fans have to be happy about what they saw. Philadelphia came out ready to fight from the very first drive and when Kelly called for McCoy to run straight up the middle on fourth and 1 from the Washington 21, it was clear that the timid era of Andy Reid was officially over.

McCoy was extremely efficient on his zone-read runs which will force teams – like San Diego on Sunday – to always be ready for the run, opening up big play attempts down the field.  Philadelphia’s defense, meanwhile, didn’t want to give up a whole lot on the ground but the air was hit hard in the second half. Coming from a defense that looked like it could get blown out of the water by Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris from the beginning, things turned out pretty well.

Now, against a San Diego team that collapsed to Houston following Philadelphia’s game Monday night, it will be interesting to see what Kelly and the speedy Eagles show next.

“We wanted to feature certain things against the Redskins,” he said. “The Chargers are a different opponent.  That will change.”


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Posted On: 1/9/17 10:48 pm
It was a good show. I am neither a fan any of these team but I have watched their match and they'd given a good game. Kudos to the players. it was a good fight!


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