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Eagles' Jackson sets himself apart, but not in a good way

SEATTLE - DeSean Jackson sat by himself, alone, as he if he weren't even part of the Eagles offense.

Eagles' misery continues in 31-14 loss to Seattle

DeSean Jackson was peppered with questions about whether he was refusing to talk with teammates on the sideline. Embattled coach Andy Reid was asked if his team was even invested at this point of the season and if Jackson was essentially a decoy.

Phil Sheridan: No more excuses for Eagles: They're just bad

SEATTLE - Most weeks, the Eagles stink on Sunday. They have been known to lay an egg on Monday night. Now we can add Thursday to the list.

Eagles make losing look effortless

SEATTLE - The Eagles have crawled up into a ball now, their position both fetal and futile. They can only hope that this was the worst.

Seahawks embarrass Eagles, 31-14

SEATTLE - It's one thing to get embarrassed by Tom Brady and the Patriots. Losing 31-14 to Tarvaris Jackson and the Seattle Seahawks takes a new level of mistakes and apathetic play.

Dustup of Eagles assistants part of fabric of dying season

Dustup of Eagles assistants part of fabric of dying season WITH THE Eagles playing again Thursday at Seattle, reporters aren't going to get to talk to Marty Mornhinweg this week, until after the game. The usual weekly press conferences with the coordinators aren't being held.

Vick, Maclin unlikely for Eagles-Seahawks game

Vick, Maclin unlikely for Eagles-Seahawks game Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin sat out a light practice Monday, giving a preliminary indication that the Eagles could be going with Vince Young and Riley Cooper in the starting lineup again Thursday night.

Eagles must decide if Jackson is worth the trouble

Eagles must decide if Jackson is worth the trouble There are two ways the relationship between receiver DeSean Jackson and the Eagles can go now. The player and the team can arrive at a contract extension that is fair to both parties and, aside from the occasional rockhead move that seems an unavoidable part of the young man's makeup, they can coexist happily and perhaps even successfully.

Eagles have talent but lack character

There has been a lot of talk lately about the 3-6 Eagles' lacking an identity. The truth is, they have an identity. It's just one they would prefer not to have, that of a soft, unfocused group of underachievers.

Broken ribs leave Vick iffy for Sunday

MORE THAN a few times Sunday, Eagles blockers seemed to let an Arizona Cardinal fly in free on Michael Vick, making no attempt to hinder his progress.
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