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FRAN THE FAN: Unlocks the door to the NFL's Twilight Zone

And he's not exactly pleased with what he sees...
FRAN THE FAN: Unlocks the door to the NFL's Twilight Zone "There is nothing wrong with your NFL this off-season.  Do not attempt to adjust your plans for draft day, OTAs, or training camp.  We are controlling the transmission.  If we wish to make the season longer, we will add games.  If we wish to make the preseason shorter, we will cut games (but still charge you regular season ticket prices).  We will control the horizontal running game.  We will control the vertical passing game.  We can soften our focus to make it be the fan’s welfare, or sharpen it to blame each other.  So, for the next few months, sit quietly, and we will control all that you see and hear.  For we will carry you to another dimension, a dimension not only of noise and bluster, but of stupidity and avarice; a journey which reaches from the inner minds of the Jerra’s (Jones) and De Smiths, to a barren desert where, like grains of sand, mindless greed knows no bounds.  Next stop, not Willoughby, but…...
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