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Roger Goodell is selling...you buying?

Roger Goodell is selling...you buying? There was a day when I thought Roger Goodell was a welcome breath of fresh air. Replacing Paul Tagliabue, he was a man of swift action who left little doubt as to who was the boss. He seemed to be a man of principle. That was then… Today, when I hear Goodell speak the BS repellent can’t be close enough. His act has grown old and the greed that drives him is surfacing like a zit on a teenager. It’s like, “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.” The Patriots and Bill Belichick take NFL cheating to new heights with Spygate and they are handed a fine of $250,000 and they lose a first round draft pick. When did the integrity of the game become so inexpensive? And then after Goodell rules on Spygate, suddenly the evidence disappears – it’s destroyed and the man who supposedly held the smoking gun to blow the lid off the entire scandal, Patriots ex-video assistant Matt Walsh, is a golf pr...

Chiefs' Winston embellishes to prove a point

Chiefs' Winston embellishes to prove a point It’s interesting how much attention the cheering of Matt Cassel’s injury by Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium is receiving. I was there. I was amongst the fans. I watched it happen. I heard the cheers. And it wasn’t what Chiefs’ right tackle Eric Winston described. It’s understandable that Winston is upset. After all a teammate who relies on his health to provide for his family was knocked out cold on the turf at Arrowhead. It’s also equally understandable that Winston can’t really appreciate the emotions of a Chiefs fan at that very moment. Being the professional that he is, Winston cannot walk in the shoes of a fan and he can’t connect to that thought process. Let’s reset the scene… This was my first trip to Arrowhead. The fans there were as advertised – friendly, hospitable and even playful about their team’s struggles thus far in the 2012 campaign. All that they’ve heard for well o...

9-11 and how football got me through - One volunteer's story

9-11 and how football got me through - One volunteer's story Dedicated to the victims of 9-11-01. Godspeed. Eleven years already; where has the time gone? Tuesday marks the 11th anniversary of that horrible day in September. Everyone seems to remember where they were or what they were doing that day and I am no different. I’ll never forget receiving a phone call from my brother that fateful morning telling me “a plane just hit the World Trade Center in New York City, quick get to the fire station.” I have been a volunteer firefighter for the past 21 years and it all changed for me that day.  As I entered the fire station that morning to the sound of CNN reporting the United States of America was under attack I was horrified at the images of people trapped inside and the rescuers trying to rescue them when one of the Trade Center towers collapsed. As all eyes were glued to the television and the devastation being shown, news quickly came in about an airplane that struck the Pentagon and a plane that crashed i...

NFL Replacement Officials continue to struggle

NFL Replacement Officials continue to struggle Last year, during the NFL Lockout, the players and the league couldn’t agree on a deal. This year, the referees and the league can’t. Because of this, the league has been forced to used replacement officials until both sides can work out a deal. At first, it was just supposed to be for the preseason, but now it’s guaranteed that we’ll be having replacements officiating at least for the start of the regular season. The 2012 NFL preseason has been full of mistakes and miscues made by these replacement officials. It’s frustrated coaches, players, and fans to the point where many are nervous about their teams being put into jeopardy come the regular season. This isn’t just bad judgment calls, but it’s more of an inability to properly dissect and evaluate situations to make the game continue in an orderly fashion. A great example of this happened during the fourth preseason game between the Giants and Patriots where the refs were unab...

NFL CUTS: How does the league's waiver system work?

NFL CUTS: How does the league's waiver system work? How Does The NFL’s Waiver System Work? As the third week of the NFL preseason comes to a close, the time has come for teams to make their first round of roster cuts.  Teams have until 4:00 p.m. on Monday to reduce their present rosters of 90 players down to 75. When viewing the NFL waiver wire, there are 4 designations that come into play, each with different ramifications.  Often, these designations are confused when reported in the press or simply labeled with the generic moniker “cut”, but there are different ramifications of each designation. 1.  Players with less than 4 years of service time are “waived” and are subject to waivers.  The waiver period in the NFL is 24 hours.  So, a player waived on Monday can be claimed by another team by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  If multiple teams place a waiver claim on the same player, the player is awarded to the team with the highest waiver priority (the reverse order of the standing...

Mike Vick is agile, but also fragile

Mike Vick is agile, but also fragile Michael Vick’s play on the field is like no other. He’s a human highlight reel who has the ability to make some of the type of extraordinary plays that have fans doubting his mortality. However, a talent of his level doesn’t guarantee success for a team, especially when he’s on the sideline for the majority of a season. The Philadelphia Eagles possess one of the best players in the NFL on their team in Vick. He’s the ultimate dual-threat that can throw a 50-yard touchdown pass, and then run 60 yards for the score on the next possession. Despite all of Vick’s tremendous upside, the injury bug has plagued the quarterback for the past two seasons with the most recent injury coming in the week two preseason game against the New England Patriots. The Philadelphia “Dream Team” begins and ends with number seven. If he’s not on the field, the Eagles are not nearly as explosive as they would be otherwise. It’s fair to...

Mike Patterson recovering well after brain surgery

Mike Patterson recovering well after brain surgery Defensive tackle Mike Patterson has been recovering from brain surgery since January and has been making significant progress. Patterson had a rare brain disorder, known as an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). He had to have the operation after he had a seizure during the training camp last year. Since January, Patterson has been recovering well, working out every day and building his strength back up. This is a very good sign for the player, who was able to play in 15 of 16 games in the last season. He built up some impressive statistics, with 66 tackles, 2.5 stacks, two fumble recoveries and a forced fumble. He was also ranked third on the team in terms of hurries, with a total of 24. Patterson will miss the rest of training camp and will begin the season on the non-football injury list. His absence from the field will definitely be felt, with players in the first round pick from Mississippi State picking up the slack. His fans, those who take time out of their normal schedules of ...


Last season it was the 'Dream Team', this year a 'Dynasty'
HERE WE GO AGAIN! Right about the time that the Eagles contemplated trading Kevin Kolb you just knew a big payday was in store for Michael Vick. That payday happened in August 2011 when Vick agreed to a six year, $100 million deal that included $40 million in guarantees. What other choice did the Eagles have? The club lost all of its bargaining power the moment Kevin Kolb became an Arizona Cardinal. Vick dazzled the NFL and captivated Eagles fans in 2010. And now he has the club and those who bleed green by the short hairs. It’s easy for a player with a checkered past to walk the straight and narrow, to talk the talk and to toe the line of conformity when the personal stakes are high. Just four years ago Vick left a federal prison. He paid dearly. He did the time and his financial bleeding was significant. He had no one to blame but himself for the butchered dogs, a shattered career and a broken bank account. Then like Mighty Mouse, along came Andy Reid to save the day for Vick once he ...

Even in the offseason, Stafford puts up a "win"

Even in the offseason, Stafford puts up a "win" The difficult upbringings of many NFL players are being further exposed as the media looks for more stories during the slow months. In 2009, Michael Lewis’ book The Blind Side was made into a major motion picture, chronicling the tough upbringing of Michael Oher, now the starting right (non-blind side) tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. While a hit movie like The Blind Side is the most extravagant way to tell one of these stories, there are certainly easier ways to shed light on the lives of other players who have struggled. Take San Francisco 49ers star linebacker (and Oher’s teammate at Ole Miss), Patrick Willis. At the age of 10, Willis was working full-time to help provide for his family, only to have his father use the money he made for drugs instead. Even though it wasn’t a major motion picture, ESPN brought his story to the national forefront through their documentary series E:60. If you haven’t seen it yet, take 12-minutes out of your day ...

NFL NEWS & NOTES: A possible rarity...a Raven becomes a Steeler?

Plus other signings...
NFL NEWS & NOTES: A possible rarity...a Raven becomes a Steeler? Former Baltimore Ravens long snapper Matt Katula could be returning to the AFC North division. The Pittsburgh Steelers tried out Katula on Wednesday, according to a league source. Katula, 29, played in five games last season for the Minnesota Vikings, filling in when Cullen Loeffler broke a bone in his lower back. A former Wisconsin player, Katula played with the Ravens from 2005 to 2009 and played eight games two years ago for the New England Patriots. For his career, the 6-foot-6, 265-pounder has played in 93 games.  ... The St. Louis Rams weren't the only NFL team interested in offensive tackle Jose Valdez when the Minnesota Vikings placed him on waivers. The New York Jets also put in a waiver claim, according to a league source, but the Rams had the higher ranking on the priority list. So, they were awarded the 6-foot-6, 324-pound former Arkansas lineman.  ... The Oakland Raiders tried out tight end Tory Humphrey and linebacker Ikaika Alama-Francis when they ...
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