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The pros and cons of the NFL's biggest lightening rod
THE TEBOW QUESTION There has not been a Quarterback debate this fun in the NFL in a long time. Everyone has an opinion on Tim Tebow’s fitness to lead an NFL team. Let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives of Tebow as a pro Quarterback. POSITIVES 1.       Defensive Unfamiliarity NFL defenses do not see option attacks – either from under center or in the shotgun – very often, except as an occasional play. This is a distinct advantage for Tebow and the Broncos. The convention and roster makeup of NFL teams does not allow for simple practice preparation for a read-based option offense. The less familiar an opposing defense is with an offensive scheme, the greater the advantage for the offense. 2.       Rushing Yardage as a Weapon The criticisms made of Tebow as an NFL passer often focus on his low passing yardage, on average. This is a shortsighted formula for evaluating an athlete like Tebow. Given the av...


A QUICK LOOK AT THE “NO HUDDLE” OFFENSE OVERVIEW Everyone loves football when it is played at a fast tempo. There is usually an element of desperation on the part of an offense that is in “no-huddle” mode, and this results in an often exciting, rapid-fire version of the game. The success of the no-huddle can resonate. It is memorable and it often leaves fans with a lasting impression of, “Why don’t they do that all the time?” If it were only that easy… The motivation behind the no-huddle offense is most often based on the concept of control. An offensive unit running plays without huddling either needs or wants to control the game clock and/or defensive personnel and alignment. Although the offensive coordinator relinquishes the on-field control of play calling during the no-huddle, the philosophy and strategy behind using such an approach is always well-planned and used in game situations with a clear purpose. A look at some of the pros and cons of the no-huddle: PROS Dictate to th...


The quarterback challenge between plays in the NFL
A BUSY 40 SECONDS The standard NFL play clock is 40 seconds. That is the total time that can elapse from the moment the whistle blows ending one play from scrimmage and the time by which the ball must be snapped to start the next play. (After some “administrative” stoppages, like timeouts, change of possession, measurements, etc., the play clock is set to 25 seconds). During that forty second period, there is much business an NFL Quarterback must handle. A few of the considerations and/or questions for every Quarterback are listed below, followed by a mock example of the thought process and concerns for a Quarterback at different points during the play clock countdown. Communication From the moment the play clock is wound, every NFL Quarterback can receive one-way communication (Quarterback can listen only to instructions from his Offensive Coordinator, but cannot respond verbally) up until 15 seconds remain on the play clock. It is important for the QB to get and relay the play call info...


WHAT HAPPENS IF VICK GOES DOWN? WHAT HAPPENS IF VICK GOES DOWN? The title says it all. The Eagles will have a major question mark should Pro Bowl Quarterback Michael Vick sustain an injury that causes him to miss much time. Waiting in the wings is another former Pro Bowl performer in Vince Young. Recent NFL history (including the story of the 2010 Eagles) has shown that quality at the #2 spot on the QB depth chart can be a key to success. Let’s take a look at some of Vince Young’s plusses and minuses: VINCE YOUNG’S POSITIVES Experience – Vince Young has over 8,000 yards passing and 50+ games played in his 5-year NFL career. That extensive time on the field is not a given for most NFL teams’ backup QB. Game experience is a teacher unlike any other for a Quarterback, so Young enjoys the advantage of having seen most, if not all, game condition experiences in the NFL. Success – Young has engineered 11 come from behind victories since 2006, and won nearly two-thirds of his starts ...
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