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33rd Annual National Sports Collectors Convention

33rd Annual National Sports Collectors Convention The Baltimore Convention Center (1 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201) will play host to the 33rd Annual National Sports Collectors Convention, returning after a very successful 2010 Baltimore show.  Open to the public, the quality and significance of the 2012 show exhibits and vintage memorabilia has already exceeded our expectations. In addition to the 800 exhibitors, 85 high profile athletes signing and numerous fan-related experiences, many great vintage sports memorabilia will be on display and for sale by many of the country’s prominent exhibitors and auction houses.   Recently, national news reported one of the most significant finds in collectible history.  The Kissner family from Ohio found approximately 700 E98 trading cards from the 1910-era, many in pristine condition, in their grandfather’s attic.  The family and the unbelievable “Black Swamp Find” will be on public display for the very first time at the National Sport...

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Affordable Key West Accomodations

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Affordable Key West Accomodations ACCOMODATIONS   Once in Key West, it's best to stay near Duval. Now there are certain places that are very nice down near Mallory Square and there are many bed and breakfasts that are very nice -- but very expensive. If you are going to do Key West right, you won't be in your room much at all. So get a place that is nice, is clean and convenient.   And boy do I have the right place for you -- a great little place in a quiet part of town just a couple of blocks off Duval Street at 823 Virginia Avenue. Pictures of the cottages can be found HERE The place features two cottages...one that comfortably sleeps 6 and the other that sleeps 4. All of the modern amenities are included and I can tell you from experience that 823 Virginia Street is priced extremely fair -- as in $150-250/night fair!    And why wouldn’t you want that? Save your cash for the fun and lunacy of Duval Street or the many, many water activities in and around town. ...
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