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Mike Vick, report to the Coach's Office

Mike Vick, report to the Coach's Office QUARTERBACK COACH’S OFFICE QB’S IN ATTENDANCE: VICK - #7 OVERVIEW Michael Vick has shown in 2010 that he is a different type of NFL player than he was four years ago.  Not much diminished as an athlete, but certainly improved as a Quarterback.  Against the Texans on Thursday night, Vick continued to impress in making far more good decisions than bad, and in continuing to execute at a level among the NFL’s best Quarterbacks.  A quick take on some of the Eagle Quarterback’s highs and lows vs. Houston: THE GOOD 1st Qtr -10:52-3rd& 9-HOU 37 One coverage Vick has not seen a great deal of this year is what I will label ‘Cover 5’.This features two deep Safeties, with only man-to-man defenders underneath them.  A typical Offensive solution to Cover 5 is the use of crossing routes on different planes, and the Eagles utilized a variation of that here.   With LeSean McCoy (#25) aligned as a set back to Vick’s right ...


EAGLES OFFENSIVE PREVIEW - WEEK 11 VS. NY GIANTS COACH’S QUICK TAKE As I watched recent game film of both the Eagles and Giants this week, it occurred to me that Michael Vick has a knack for forcing NFL defenses into playing “Pick Your Poison”.  Things are no different this week, as the Giants will likely have to choose between a commitment to stopping the run and a strategy to contain Michael Vick. GIANTS DEFENSE LAST WEEK During NY’s 33-20 loss to Dallas on Sunday, the Giants seemed content to align in a base 4-3 defense on almost every snap.  Putting very little pass rush pressure on Cowboys’ Quarterback Jon Kitna, the Giants’ LBs stayed at typical LB-depth (4-5 yards from the line of scrimmage) and blitzed very rarely.  The defensive strategy for NY appeared to be to allow Kitna to get into pass drops pretty easily, and then deal with 7-man coverages in the hopes that he would make some poor decisions.  Kitna’s lack of mobility also appeared to factor into the Giant...

"The Other Guy"

The saga of Kevin Kolb
"The Other Guy" SYNOPSIS In a now-famous scene from The Departed, Mark Wahlberg bluntly stated: “You must be the other guy”.  If there remained any question regarding Kevin Kolb’s place in the Eagles’ Quarterback hierarchy, as of November 16, 2010, he is confirmed as “the other guy”. Thus far in a difficult season, Kevin Kolb has been as innocent a bystander as possible in watching his anointment as the Eagles’ Quarterback of the future devolve into an unfair and unavoidable predicament for him as a professional athlete.  While Michael Vick has performed as arguably the best Quarterback in the NFL this season, Kolb has played solidly and done much of what has been asked of him.  Yet, Kolb is an afterthought to the All-Pro-caliber season of Vick.  2010’s developments make it an interesting task to examine what may lie ahead for Kolb – in Philadelphia or elsewhere.  To do that, we will analyze the Quarterback - Green Bay...


EAGLES QUARTERBACK PLAY VS. COLTS QB PARTICIPATION: VICK - #7 SYNOPSIS Michael Vick’s performance on Sunday vs. the Colts is significant of a Quarterback undergoing a positive transformation.  From my perspective, it was never about Vick being a run-first or pass-first Quarterback, but rather the path to Vick’s NFL success was/is a perfect marriage of Vick’s abilities and an Offensive system, strategy, and play-calling rhythm that help him to find efficiency and greatness – all while keeping him injury-free.  Withholding judgment re: the injury piece of the puzzle, the Eagles and Vick in 2010 are moving toward the best Vick can be. At a minimum, credit Vick for this: whatever he was able to accomplish vs. the Colts in the passing game, he did so despite limited receiving options. The Eagles regularly used 6-man protection, with the fourth receiver often briefly checking for protection help before releasing. The Colts made this scenario more difficult for Vick by rushing only four de...

TRMMQB: Random thoughts on QB play in the NFL

TRMMQB: Random thoughts on QB play in the NFL AFC East In Miami, Chad Henne is not yet what the Dolphins need at the position.  Although capable of big plays at times, Henne’s game-by-game stats in 2010 tell a clear story, thus far. In the Dolphins’ 4 wins this season, Henne has averaged 6.2 yards per attempt and only 0.5 INTs per game. In their 4 losses, Henne has averaged 7.8 yards per attempt and nearly 2 INTs per game. Translation: The Dolphins find their success in running the football and asking Henne to complete short and intermediate-range throws -  a sign of a QB not yet ready to take over games consistently. AFC West The Chargers are reminding us the game changes in the red zone (and that pass defense also matters!)……Philip Rivers is on pace for an all-time record for passing yardage in a season, the Chargers average 4.2 yards per rush, and the defense has given up an average of less than 20 points in 4 of SD’s losses - but San Diego is 3-5. The most interesting stat – the...
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