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DRAFT QUICK TAKE: ROBERT GRIFFIN III OVERVIEW Robert Griffin III played well in 2010, but 2011 was the season in which he burst onto the college football scene in an explosive way. In a memorable Heisman Trophy-winning campaign, Griffin threw 37 TD passes and led Baylor to a 10-win season. Now, as the NFL Combine and Draft approach, Griffin is being mentioned as among the two best Quarterback prospects that will be available on April 26th. Below is a quick evaluation of RG III, as well as the potential fit he could be with a couple of NFL teams. A look at some of the pros and cons of Griffin as an NFL prospect: PLUS SIDE Velocity – Griffin delivers the ball with a good deal of rotation and speed. When coupled with accuracy (RG III completed 72.4% of his passes in ’11), this always translates well in the NFL. Pocket Movement – For a QB that seems to enjoy open-field running as much as Griffin does, he is remarkably skilled at lateral and up-and-back movement, which creates throwing lanes in the pocke...

TOP GUNS: Ranking the remaining QB's

TOP GUNS: Ranking the remaining QB's OVERVIEW Here’s quick take on the strengths and weaknesses of the Quarterbacks still playing in the NFL playoffs. THE RANKINGS #1 – Tom Brady – New England Brady’s prolific and efficient regular season continued in a big way in the divisional round vs. Denver. The Ravens will need to disrupt Brady immediately at the snap of the ball. Four-man fronts have rarely affected Brady’s accuracy, as they leave Brady too much time to find the best throw. Strengths – Experience in post-season; 2011 performance; Perfect fit and QB personality for his team’s personnel Weaknesses – Right now? None #2 – Eli Manning – New York Giants Manning has had arguably his best three week stretch as an NFL Quarterback – all in must-win scenarios for the Giants. He has also shown a knack for fourth quarter heroics this season – including a near-comeback in a 27-20 loss to San Francisco back in November. Strengths – Experience i...


WEEK 15 TOP GUNS – 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Matt Ryan - Atlanta Two straight solid performances really can help a QB’s – and a team’s – confidence. Ryan was in control every moment he was on the field vs. Jacksonville, and needed less than three quarters of play to throw 3 TD passes and ensure the Falcons’ fourth win in five games. The uncharacteristically questionable throws and INTs that plagued Ryan for much of the season have disappeared the last two weeks, and Atlanta is in good position to earn a playoff spot. Tom Brady - New England Turning back the momentum of the NFL’s most talked about QB was the lead story, but Brady’s real accomplishment was in leading the Patriots to an important road win vs. a possible playoff team. The New England QB was patient in choosing his throws and was able to pick up big chunks of yardage in the pass game. The result was a division title for the Patriots. Kyle Orton – ...


WEEK 14 TOP GUNS – 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE A mostly veteran roster makes this week’s list. A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Matt Ryan - Atlanta The Atlanta QB has been absent from this list of weekly notables for most of 2011, as his play has been below his personal standards. But, if Sunday marks a new trend in Ryan’s performance this season, it comes at a great time for the Falcons. Sunday’s road win vs. the Panthers, which included a rally from a 16-point halftime deficit, kept Atlanta’s wild card hopes alive. Ryan was very effective, particularly in the second half, throwing four TDs and no INTs. Tom Brady - New England New week, similar story. Brady was nearly mistake-free for New England on Sunday – except for a rare endzone INT in the 4th quarter – and the Patriots escaped a scare on the road vs. Washington. One element of the Patriots’ story that has changed of late is the consistent weight Brady now carries for his team. New EnglandR...


TOP GUNS: WEEK 13 ~ 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE With only a couple of fresh faces, this week’s list is comprised of the usual suspects. A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Philip Rivers - San Diego No team needed to stop the bleeding like San Diego in Week 13. Rivers saw to that, completing better than 75% of his passes, did not throw an INT, and helped open up generous running lanes for the Chargers’ rushing attack. Rivers’ performance, which helped halt a 6-game losing streak for San Diego, may be a turning point for the QB, whose 2011 season has been sub-par by his personal standards. Tom Brady - New England Brady’s performance vs. the Colts was almost overshadowed by a near 4th quarter Patriot defensive meltdown. That said, Brady and New England did enough to do something they’ve become expert at over the last decade: winning in December. Brady was sharp for most of the day, and seems to have overcome his mid-season tendency for more INTs than usual. Brady̵...


Some names from the ranks of the NFL’s “banished” make the list this time around. Also, we cheated a bit this week and added a sixth QB to the list, because Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady’s weekly presence has monopolized this space thus far. A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Vince Young - Philadelphia Yes, it was only one game and yes, the Eagles lost, but Young played well enough for the Eagles to expect to win vs. the Patriots. Still showing some of the rust of inactivity, Young did make a handful of bad throws, but he was also the victim of several dropped passes. Despite this, he put the Eagles in scoring position repeatedly and passed for a career-high 400 yards. Drew Brees - New Orleans With due respect to Aaron Rodgers, Brees has looked as comfortable and in-control as any Quarterback in the NFL this year – and the Saints look more unbeatable at home with each passing week. Brees accounted for a total of 5 TDs,...


WEEK 10 TOP GUNS – 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE The appearance of a couple of former Pro Bowlers on this week’s list shakes things up a bit. A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Carson Palmer - Oakland You have to give Carson Palmer some credit. In an era of massive Quarterback contracts, his nearly year-long insistence that he play somewhere other than Cincinnati – or not at all – is as principled as it gets. With that as a backdrop, Palmer led the Raiders to a road win vs. San Diego and to first place in the AFC West. To be fair, Palmer has shown some expected rust, but was remarkably economical with his throws vs. the Chargers, averaging 15 yards per attempt in amassing 299 total passing yards. Drew Brees - New Orleans If you can be quiet in averaging better than 300 yards per game through the air, Brees does so. Having averaged better than 330 yards passing per game thus far in 2011, the Chargers’ QB is in striking range of the NFL’s all-time single-season yardag...


WEEK 9 TOP GUNS – 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE A couple of new names make this week’s list for the first time in 2011, as Quarterback play for several NFL teams was the key to solidifying positions atop their respective divisions . A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Joe Flacco - Baltimore Sunday’s final drive vs. the Steelers was likely the best of Flacco’s career, as he took the Ravens 92 yards in 12 plays, and demonstrated the calm and poise of a championship Quarterback. Flacco threw a lot of incompletions (21) and had a nearly-costly fumble late, but those factors were more than overshadowed by his play on critical downs, including 3rd downs throughout the game and on the play of the game – a 4th down completion to Anquan Boldin in Pittsburgh territory on the final drive. That final drive was a career moment for Joe Flacco. Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Not all factors favored Dalton heading into his rookie season. Following multi-Pro Bowl Quarterback Carson Palmer, inhe...


WEEK 8 TOP GUNS – 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE Despite the absence of some of this season’s earlier high-yardage passing showcases, Week 8 offered a number of winning efforts by Quarterbacks and teams that needed to reverse negative team or personal trends. A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Ryan Fitzpatrick - Buffalo Fitzpatrick’s season just keeps getting better. He signed a $59 million contract during the week, led his team to a convincing victory over Washington, and is a big reason the Bills can see themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 1999. On Sunday, the Bills’ Quarterback made few errors, completing nearly 80% of his passes, and needed only 27 pass attempts for his 267 passing yards. Cam Newton - Carolina There has to be a time when Newton’s outstanding individual efforts will finally translate to Panther wins. That time is not 2011. Newton, once again, carried Carolina with an effort that included 3 TD passes and no interceptions. That said, any ...


WEEK 7 TOP GUNS – 5 QB PERFORMANCES TO NOTE In the NFL, efficiency and accuracy from the Quarterback position correlates frequently to team success. That theory was illustrated during Week 7, as the explosive numbers posted during the first six weeks of the season were replaced by conservatively effective production – mostly by winning Quarterbacks. A look at some of this week’s notable Quarterback performances: Matt Schaub - Houston Schaub has spent the last couple of games being knocked down, hurried, and sacked. No such bad luck on Sunday vs. Tennessee, as Schaub enjoyed outstanding protection and made great decisions throughout the day. All things considered, this might well have been the best outing of Schaub’s career, considering the efficiency of his individual effort (18-23 for 296 yards) and the impact his accuracy had on the successful Texans’ run game. Cam Newton - Carolina One of the early signs of NFL potential for a rookie Quarterback in a stable environment is his ability to complement ...
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